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Food for Thought Thursdays with Wellness Coaches

Date: Thursday June 24, 2021

Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Description: This series will be compromised of TED talks and other media content relating to nutrition and eating psychology as well as a dialogue between the coaches that will touch on: Different varieties of food to that assist in weight reduction, give energy, and boost metabolism Appropriate portions and times to eat throughout the day Quick healthy meal/snack demonstrations Common misconceptions on spot weight reduction Overcoming obstacles relating to getting out of less beneficial eating patterns Strategies on shopping in a supermarket Common misconceptions of exercise related food products and sports drinks The importance of hydration and examples of how detrimental dehydration is to the operation of your body and its performance The mental paths we all experience with food Strategies on how to plan to be in a rush Strategies on how to sustain a healthy relationship with food vs being on a diet Strategies on how to curb sugar cravings, soda/juice cravings, and insatiable appetites of the night Strategies on how to food prep for a successful week Engaging in a healthy assessment of your current patterns of eating and developing strategies that will encourage more nutritious food choices

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Location: Zoom Meeting - See below for link

Contact Information:
Name: Ann Lowe or Traci Goldstein
Phone: 215-925-5327